Summary of the course

  • week 1 introduction to the course. Benefits of mindfulness. Looking at why we become stressed. Introduction to meditation. Reflections on our personal goals for the course.
  • week 2 mindfulness of the body. Awareness of the body is crucial if we are to gain deeper perspective on our minds. In the Buddhist tradition taught as the bed rock of mindfulness. Meditation cultivating deeper awareness of the body.
  • week 3 mindfulness of feeling and emotions. Meditation focusing on developing receptivity to mindfulness of feeling in the body. How mindfulness of feeling and emotion are the texture of our lives. Learning how to become more deeply aware of how we respond. Choosing more wholesome creative responses.
  • week 4 mindfulness of thoughts and mind. Meditation focusing on the nature of the mind. Looking at the obstacles to establishing meditative concentration. Calming the mind and sitting with a clear content mind. Focusing on what stories we tell ourselves, are they really true? How important are they and what would happen if we let go of them?
  • week 5 mindfulness of Dhammas or the world around us. Turning our awareness more fully to our responses. Learning to become mindful of deeper layers of our experience. Keep in the perspective awareness allows us in experience. Putting mindfulness into effect moment by moment more fully.
  • week 6 mindfulness of Art, Objects and Nature. Learning about aspect of mindfulness called Vidya. Appreciation, valuing things just for what they are in themselves, rather than how they can be of use. How to develop our imagination and a much more deeper appreciation of our lives.
  • week 7 other People. The other regarding aspect of mindfulness. Meditation developing greater friendliness and warmth towards others. Exercises to help us communicate better. Learning to take a deeper interest in others.
  • week 8 mindfulness of Reality. Buddhist insight. What moments of insight might actually be like and that any of us can experience them. The Buddhist view of death and impermanence. Outline of the special factors needed for insight to arise. What have we gained from the course. Our next steps.




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