What is Mindful Living

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This course is based on the successful book Life with Full Attention by Maitreyabandhu who is a senior member of the Triranta Buddhist Order based in London England, he teaches at the London Buddhist Centre.

When we set out on the path of full attention we are learning how to live more fully and vividly in the moment. It’s difficult to do that in city life which is often complex, with so many things competing for our attention. Most people have to organise working full-time with family responsibilities and a busy social life all at the same time! There are always the never ending flow of emails to catch up with, the practical tasks like shopping and doing laundry and taking the children to football or dancing lessons! All of this complexity forces us to the surface of ourselves, we have no time and space to experience ourselves more deeply. In such a life we don’t look at making changes.

If we want to experience life more deeply – if we want to have a deeper sense of connection with life – we need to look at how we live. We need to move into the present moment more fully.

We all want ‘satisfaction’ from life but sometimes we tend to look in places that probably won’t give us that deeper sense of connection. We have a strong tendency to believe that more choice, more consumer goods leads to more happiness. If we are not careful we end up going around in circles being led by our desires and buying a load of things that we don’t actually need and not looking in the place we need to look which is deeper within ourselves!

The main reason that we don’t live in the present moment and enjoy life more fully is that we have neither got the tools nor the time to do so, often we are in no fit state to do so either. We can’t enjoy things if we are wound up, stressed out, exhausted, or moody! To enjoy something we need an enjoyable focus – a stroll in the beautiful parc de Monjuic, a most beautiful place to visit with breathtaking views of Barcelona and the coastline – and we need to be in a state of mind that is receptive enough, clear enough, calm enough, to enjoy things. Simply surrounding ourselves with pleasurable objects won’t do it. We need to be in a good state of mind in order to enjoy life and connect with deeper experience. So little is said about the mind and how we experience things. We miss the one thing that absolutely determines how we experience everything life has to offer and throws at us. That is our mind! Our state of mind determines how we respond to everything!

We cannot make the most of life if we are distracted or stressed out. I believe that if we want to live well, to be happy, if we want to feel that life is going somewhere – rather than just going round and round in circles – we need to attend to the mind. If you agree, then it will be worth your while considering attending this course.

Most people interested in this course will want to learn how to be more mindful, to live more deeply and richly; they will want to develop more awareness, the course will help people do that. One does not have to be interested in Buddhism at all. Some people might be interested in Buddhism as Mindfulness is a fundamental Buddhist quality. They might be interested in trying to encounter deeper meaning in life and see an exploration of Buddhist Mindfulness and Meditation as a way forward in their quest. The course caters for this kind of person as well. Towards the end of the course we will be looking at how Buddhism concerns itself with gaining insight into reality.

This course follows a journey of awareness, from remembering where you put your keys to insight into the nature of reality. It is a journey I am undertaking along with many friends and acquaintances. I invite you to join me.

Much of what I teach on the course is based on Maitreyabandhu’s teaching but I will also draw from my own experience of almost twenty five years as a practising Buddhist. I will draw from moments of success and moments of challenge and struggle in my own life.

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